The Entrepreneurs Foundation of Central Texas

Our organization was founded in 1999 by entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and friends to promote philanthropy and community engagement. Our mission has evolved to also help entrepreneurs build corporate cultures and employee engagement that contribute to success, to support Capital Factory's community and philanthropic initiatives and to promote youth entrepreneurship.


We promote philanthropy and community engagement while helping entrepreneurs build corporate cultures that contribute to their business success.


Austin’s entrepreneurial community is known as the most culturally conscious & socially impactful in the country. By our actions, we help elevate our companies and our communities.

We Help Entreprenuers & Their Teams Build Successful Corporate Cultures

The evidence is conclusive: companies that produce outsized results have strong teams and cultures. We help entrepreneurs build both, which results in stronger performances in the communities where they live and operate.

The Entrepreneurs Foundation, our member companies, and their team members have raised over $17.5 million for non-profits and other community initiatives, including over 260,000 volunteer hours. Through our youth entrepreneurship programs, we have reached over 95,000 children who have earned nearly $1.9M and donated over $875,000 to local and national charities. As the nonprofit arm of Capital Factory, we promote philanthropy, community involvement and community-minded corporate cultures.


How We Support Our Member Companies

Our range of experience and services are broad – from helping establish modest, community involvement objectives to helping a company apply its core competency to a specific community need. Ways in which we support our member companies include:

  • Help create, grow, and empower community involvement committees and its leaders;
  • Build and launch custom surveys to assure community engagement is aligned with employee interests and the company's goals and mission;
  • Identify impactful ways a company may get involved in its community based on its unique values, goals and strengths;
  • Align a company's team-building opportunities with community needs;
  • Produce unique events and opportunities for a company to work alongside other tech companies in our communities;
  • Offer annual service day events and celebrations;
  • Create mentorship and leadership opportunities around youth entrepreneurship;
  • Pinpoint and uncover resources for company wellness initiatives; and
  • Track and report community involvement efforts to bolster company recruiting and retention efforts.

Our Focus Areas



Our annual Summit convenes an intimate group of C-suite leaders from across the country who prioritize culture and employee engagement. It is a must-see experience for industry leaders.


We provide unique team-building opportunities for individual companies as well as large annual events for 450+ tech leaders and team members. Two of our largest community partners for our larger events include Austin ISD and the Austin Parks & Recreation Department.