Grace Vroom

Office & Program Coordinator

As the Office and Program Coordinator for the Entrepreneurs Foundation, Grace assists the CEO and Executive Director with scheduling and office management, while organizing and expanding member company programs and offerings.

Since graduating from Mount Holyoke College with a degree in Political Science, Grace has worked to fuse her Texas pride and passion for community involvement with her skills in business development. Prior to joining the Entrepreneurs Foundation, Grace supported a variety of organizations in areas of brand enhancement, social media engagement, video production, and operational development. She learned the most from her time on the Communications team at the Nuclear Threat Initiative and from co-running a small video production start up for nonprofits and women-run businesses in Boston, MA.

Grace is also a photographer, storyteller, and video editor. She loves to pet dogs, drink strange teas, and spend time with her three empowered nieces in Dallas, TX.

Contact Information

  • P.O. Box 684826
  • Austin, Texas, 78701
  • (512) 482-8894


  • @ Capital Factory
  • 701 Brazos, Suite 501
  • Austin, Texas 78701
  • (512) 482-8894
  • Entrepreneurs Foundation
  • PO Box 684826
  • Austin, Texas 78768

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